15 Best Bike Brands 2021: (Top Brands): Complete Guide

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It is human nature whenever you are going to purchase some item the very first thing you consider is quality. Obviously, brands are known due to their quality products. So today we are going to discuss Best Bike Brands of 2021.

When you purchase a bicycle, you need to ensure you are purchasing quality. Something that will keep going for a considerable length of time to come and that will enable you to get around with solace and speed.

The top cycling brands regularly have profound connections to the cycling network, with a large number of them being begun by previous hustling greats.

A Brief History of Bikes and Bicycling

Best Bike Brands

When was the primary bicycle fabricated and who assembled it? That data is practically lost to the ways of the world. As the Smithsonian Institute noticed, it’s basically difficult to state who imagined the bicycle.

What is clear is that individuals were utilizing two-wheeled vehicles by the start of the nineteenth century. Actually, a few people date the development of the bicycle right back to the 1400s.

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As per the International Bicycle Fund, a sketch for a bicycle, credited to none other than Leonardo DaVinci, dates to the 1490s. Strangely enough, we may have the ejection of a spring of gushing lava to credit with the real work off one of the main bicycles like vehicles.

In the mid-1800s, a Baron von Drais, otherwise called Karl or Charles, structured a vehicle with a steerable front wheel. Drais likewise incorporated a cushioned seat in his plan and an armrest that enabled him to adjust the vehicle and steer.

Drais evidently made the vehicle, later called a velocipede by the French, because of the demise of ponies and boundless starvation that happened because of the emission of Tambora, a spring of gushing lava in Indonesia, which had one of its most dominant ejections in 1815.

In spite of the fact that the velocipede rapidly ended up prevalent, it was missing one thing that is a key element on the present bicycles. It has no pedals. Rather, individuals pushed the bicycle forward utilizing their feet, like the way the animation family the Flintstones drove their ancient vehicle.

It wasn’t until 1863 that bicycles got pedals. And still, after all that, the pedals weren’t exactly similar to the ones individuals know about today. They were appended to the front wheel of the vehicle

In the US in the late 1800s, fashioners set out to make a more secure bicycle. One model that was to some degree mainstream at the time was additionally hazardous. High wheel cycles, at times called Ordinaries, were dubious to ride and had a high hazard for mishaps. It wasn’t remarkable for individuals to tumble headfirst over the front of their “Ordinaries.”

The Safety bicycle resembled the bikes of today. Its wheels were a similar size; it had gears and a chain driver. In spite of the fact that the Safety bicycle did at first have hard elastic tires, those were before long swapped out with air-filled or pneumatic tires.

As bicycles took off and wound up open methods for transportation for people, bicycle-driven organizations started to spring up. A portion of those brands, for example, Bianchi, stay among the top cycling brands today.

Others, for example, Schwinn, have developed significantly over the previous century and are never again the main organizations they used to be.

What Make Best Bike Brands

It tends to challenge put a finger on what makes a cycling brand a decent brand At times, it comes down to individual inclination and supposition. One cyclist may have had a terrible encounter on a Trek bicycle or may have discovered a Bianchi bicycle awkward and might swear that brand off forever, in spite of the superb notoriety either organization has.

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More often than not, a great cycling brand offers a scope of various bicycle styles just as a scope of value focuses. In spite of the fact that it may have a few models that solitary cost a couple of hundred dollars and that utilization section level segments, those bicycles still give an average ride.

A top-quality brand’s higher-end models will be accurate that – the best bicycle you can get for the cash. Frequently, an incredible bicycle brand has some profound association with cycling or the cycling network. For instance, some most loved marks were made by previous expert cyclists, who have a tolerable thought of what makes for a quality bicycle.

How We Chose the Top Brands

When selecting the top bicycle brands, we took a gander at an assortment of variables. One was what number of models a brand created and whether it had a bicycle to suit an assortment of cycling styles or needs. For instance, we attempted to stay with brands that produce both street and off-road bicycles, since an organization that is very specific is going to interest fewer individuals.

We additionally took a gander at the value purposes of the bicycles offered by the brands and the parts utilized. Brands that solitary produce low-end, low-quality bicycles were out.  We additionally would not like to exclusively concentrate on brands that produce the caviar of bikes, in spite of the fact that we realize those organizations request to certain riders.

Top 15 Best Bicycle Brands

1) TREK Bikes


Best Bike Brands

Trek Bicycle Corporation got its begin in Waterloo, Wisconsin in 1976. As indicated by CNBC, it is the biggest bicycle brand situated in the US. Albeit the majority of its generation has moved abroad, the organization still creates a few bicycles in the US. Starting in 2014.

It was making around 25,000 bikes locally every year, which added up to about a portion of all bicycles created in the United States.

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Trek delivers a wide scope of bicycle styles, at a full scope of value focuses. It makes bicycles for men, ladies, and kids, just as biking apparatus and clothing. Alongside conventional foot-controlled bicycles, Trek makes a few electric trail-blazing bicycles. Bicycle costs go from a couple of hundred dollars to a couple of thousand.

Despite the fact that Trek may be the most conspicuous name the organization produces, it has a full lineup of brands in its stable. Those different brands incorporate DreamBikes, Bontrager, and Electra.

Until 2008, the organization additionally delivered LeMond cycles, a line of bicycles at first created by Greg LeMond, a US cyclist who won the Tour de France.




Cannondale is another top bicycle brand that goes back to the 1970s. While two pals established Trek over a glass of lager, Cannondale was birthed over a pickle processing plant in Connecticut.

From the start, the organization didn’t make bicycles however rather delivered a bicycle trailer, frill, and clothing. In 1983, the brand made its first bicycle, a visiting model. It caught up with a hustling bicycle the following year.

In 1997, Cannondale made waves at the Tour de France by having individuals from the Saeco cycling group (who rode the brand’s bicycles) ride on aluminum outlines.

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As indicated by organization legend, the pioneer of the Saeco group proclaimed Cannondale bicycles to be the best. Today, the brand delivers a scope of bicycles, including mountain bicycles, street bicycles, and e-bikes. It likewise has models for kids and ladies and pairs bicycles.

As a rule, Cannondale bicycles are at the higher finish of the estimating range. The vast majority of its models are more than $1,000, and even its child’s bicycles are a couple of hundred dollars each.


3) KONA 


Kona Bikes is a relative newcomer. The brand was begun in 1988 by Dan Gerhard and Jacob Heilbron. The pair proceeds to claim the brand today, and it stays to be based out of the Pacific Northwest.

Kona’s distinguishing strength is being the main organization to create a straight-leg trail-blazing bicycle generation fork.  The brand worked with Brodie (otherwise known as Bruce Spicer) to build up the bicycle style. At present, Kona has 10 variants of the fork, made for mountain bicycles and black-top bicycles of different sizes.

Albeit initially, Kona concentrated on mountain bicycles, today it delivers a full scope of styles, including street bicycles and cyclocross bicycles. It presented its first carbon edge cycles in 2011, with a cyclocross racer and a Kula Watt 26″ hardtail.

Kona produces bicycles at a scope of value focuses, with its most affordable models beginning at a couple of hundred dollars. Its higher-end, specific bicycles can cost upwards of $5,000.




Colnago is a bicycle organization situated in Italy. The brand goes back to 1952 when Ernesto Colnago established it in Cambiago.

Ernesto Colnago was at first expected to assume control over his family’s cultivating business yet sought after a vocation in cycling since early on. At 13, he was a disciple at a bicycle organization and in the end opened his shop.

The Telegraph has called Colnago the Ferrari of cycling brands, depicting it as a bicycle creator for cycling experts. The portrayal is able, the same number of Colnago’s higher-end models are altogether handcrafted in Italy and highlight top-quality parts.

Colnago isn’t an economical brand using any and all means. Its most reasonable models cost more than $1,000, and its awesome hustling bicycles go for more than $5,000 or $6,000.




Another Italian bicycle brand, Bianchi has the particular respect of being the most seasoned ceaselessly worked for cycling organization on the planet. It goes back to 1885 when 21-year-old Edoardo Bianchi volunteered to add a chain to the celebrated “Customary” bikes and to lessen the size of the front wheel.

You could state his thought was a triumph. Throughout the years, Bianchi was credited with a few different advancements in the structure and capacity of the bike. For instance, he made the primary ever front brake in 1913.

All through the twentieth century, Bianchi cycles were ridden in a few noteworthy bicycling competitions and frequently won those competitions. Riding a Bianchi, cyclist Fausto Coppi won his first Tour de France in 1949. Felice Gimondi additionally won the race on a Bianchi in the mid-1970s.

Today, Bianchi produces city, mountain, and hustling bicycles at an assortment of value focuses, beginning at a couple of hundred dollars. It likewise makes electric bicycles and models for kids.




Raleigh Bikes is a British cycling brand that began in 1887, making it one of the most established bicycle brands out there. At the time, the brand created around three bicycles each week. As ahead of schedule as 1896, creation had expanded to 30,000 cycles for each year.

All through the twentieth century, interest for the bicycles expanded, and the brand kept on developing, delivering an ever-increasing number of cycles every year and extending the size of its production lines and plants. It even fiddled with bikes for some time. In the US specifically, a request was high for the brand’s 10-speed cycles.

Like a couple of other top brands, Raleigh is no more unusual than the Tour de France. Cyclist Joop Zoetemelk of Holland won the race on a Raleigh bicycle in 1980. In 1989, the French group Système U was riding Raleigh bicycles when it lost the Tour by only 8 seconds to Greg LeMond.

Today, the brand delivers a blend of city/worker bicycles, off-road bicycles, and street bicycles. Its costs are generally moderate, with a portion of its bicycles costing in the $300 to $400 territory and its higher-end bicycles garnish out at under $3,000.




Cervelo is another moderately youthful bicycle brand. It began in 1995 in Canada. The objective of the organization is straightforward: It plans to structure the world’s quickest bicycle.

Keeping that in mind, it’s likely not a brand that you’re going to look at in case you’re new to cycling or in case you’re searching for a bicycle for driving or incidental use.

Yet, on the off chance that you routinely feel the requirement for speed on your bicycle, regardless of whether you’re preparing for an Ironman or the Tour de France or simply appreciate an end of the week ride, this may be the brand for you.

Cervelo has five arrangements for the street bicycle – the C arrangement, P arrangement, R arrangement, S arrangement, and T arrangement.

None of its bicycles are shabby. The most minimal end models, the S arrangement, begin around $5,000 while the P arrangement and R arrangement effectively cost more than $10,000.



Best Bike Brands

Orbea is a Spanish bicycle organization that started life in 1840 as a rifle organization. It didn’t begin to make cycles until the 1930s.

It utilized a huge number of Spanish natives during the time of the Civil War and was in the end purchased by its workers and transformed into an agreeable in the mid-1960s.

At that point, it manufactured a bigger industrial facility and started creating recreational bicycles just as street and dashing bicycles. Today, the organization delivers a scope of recreational bicycles, street bicycles, and electric bicycles.


9) BMC Switzerland

As you may figure from the name, BMC Switzerland has its home office in Switzerland. The organization started in 1994 and as of now has around 120 workers around the globe.

BMC provided bicycles to the Phonak Cycling group, a Swiss group that was supervised by Andy Rihs. This, in the long run, assumed control over the whole organization in 2000.

From that point forward, BMC bicycles have won a few bicycle competitions and races, including the Tour de France in 2011. The brand presently makes a full scope of bicycles, including street, mountain, and recreational cycles.




The organizer of Merida Bikes, Ike Tseng, got the thought for the organization on a visit to the US in the mid-1970s. Tseng went to a bicycle shop and found a note there expressing that the auto shop wouldn’t chip away at any bicycles created in Taiwan, because of the low nature of those cycles.

Tseng set going to make a bicycle brand and fantastic bicycles that were made in Taiwan. Merida, which was authoritatively found in 1988, does only that.

The organization joins Taiwanese assembling with an R&D arm situated in Germany. Today, it delivers a scope of bicycles, including city/worker bicycles, off-road bicycles, and street bicycles.



Best Bike Brands

Focus Bikes is a German cycling brand that began during the 1990s. The organization was established by Mike Kluge, who was a cyclocross champion. These days it is among the top and Best Bike Brands.

From the outset, Focus bicycles concentrated on mountain bicycles, yet in the long run extended its range to incorporate visiting cycles, street bicycles, and city bicycles. Today it offers a full scope of bikes, including e-bicycles, cyclocross bicycles, and bicycles for children.



Jamis Bikes got its begin in 1979 when it propelled the Earth Cruiser, a footpath bicycle that is regularly said to have kickstarted the shoreline cruiser pattern.

A couple of years after the fact, during the 1980s, the brand started delivering mountain bicycles notwithstanding its cruisers. By 2001, Jamis’ Dakar Comp was named the Best Bike in the $800 to $1500 territory by Mountain Biking Magazine.

Today, Jamis keeps on delivering a scope of bicycles, including experience cycles, mountain bicycles, street bicycles, and suburbanite cycles. In short, it is one of the Best Bike Brands.




Best Bike Brands

Eddy Merckx is another top of the Best Bike Brands, the superb cycling brand made by a previous cycling champion.  In the event that you ask the organization, it will reveal to you that Merckx was the best cyclist who at any point existed.

He won five 5 Giro Italian, five Tours de France, and in excess of 500 races through the span of his vocation. Merckx began his bicycle organization in 1980 and remains a piece of it, adding to the plan of cycles and test riding new models. This Best Bike Brand produces street bicycles for people, just as rock bicycle and cyclocross cycles.



14) CASTELLI     

Castelli is known for delivering cycling attire and one of the Best Bike Brands. The brand follows its roots back to a tailor named Vittore Gianni, who was dynamic during the 1800s.

During the 1930s, Armando Castelli started working with Gianni and in the end acquired the business from him. In the cycling attire world, the brand is credited with some first. It built up the first Lycra-spandex shorts, just as the primarily shaded shorts and the main warm cycling garments.

Today, the brand keeps on building and structure execution cycling garments.




Best Bike Brands

It is also one of the Best Bike Brands. Made by Giovanni Pinarello in 1952, Pinarello is another Italian cycling organization. Giovanni began the organization after he was terminated from his cycling group at last and given an extensive whole of cash as a separating blessing.

Best Bike Brands started creating carefully assembled bikes in the mid-1960s and won its first Giro d’Italia race in 1975. In 1988, the brand won its first Tour de France.

Today, Pinarello produces an assortment of bicycles, including “fixies,” street bicycles, off-road bicycles, and track bicycles. This is all about Best Bike Brands. Hope you will like this guide of Best Bike Brands. If you have more questions related to bicycle riding you can visit. Feel free to ask we are here to serve you.